Breeding Plans

Diabla Van Sinova x Ernny Mi-Ji FR1, SUSAR Type 1 (Advanced), FEMA certified disaster search dog

We are so thrilled with the puppies out of Dia's mother Qrash and Juice we have decided to do as close to a repeat as we can by doing this combination. Juice's record in SAR work and FR speaks for itself, and Dia shows much the same aptitudes, drive, and tenacity as Qrash does. Both dogs possess excellent hunt drive, natural scenting ability and skills, great toy/ball motivation, food motivation, and intensity. Puppies from Qrash x Juice are proving to be high octane dogs with mostly outgoing personalities, high environmental stability, nice grips, incredible pack drive and desire to work, bidabble but not soft, and incredibly engaged. As with every litter puppies will be vaccinated and dewormed and will be started on crate training, vehicle travel, exposure to a variety of sights, sounds, surfaces and other environmental challenges, scent pads, and so on. More information can be found on Dia's mom Qrash here and on Juice here Dia's page will be up soon, and we are pleased to announce her PennHIP score came back as .21, putting her in the top 5% of the breed!