Obedience Training

Obedience Classes (Live)

Novice: Suitable for those pursuing a CKC CD, or looking for a well trained companion. Covers basic obedience (sit, down, stand, stay, recall, and heeling) using a CKC Novice format (Heel on Leash, Figure 8, Stand for Exam, Heel Free, Recall, and Group Stays). Introduction to further exercises also included as the team skill levels permit.
Price: $160
Course Length: 8 weeks, 1 hour class per week
Start Date: Tuesday January 23 at 6:30pm at ADSC - contact for availability

Precision Obedience: In this class we will work on the details and fine tuning. Shaping, various body awareness components, and other exercises to bring precision to your heeling, fronts, finishes, and other exercises!
Price: $160 + HST
Course Length: 8 weeks, 1 hour class per week
Start Date: Thursday January 25 at 7:30pm at ADSC

Board and Train

No time to train? We can train and title for you! Board and train/titling is available for any CKC Obedience title, from PCD through GMOTCh. Useful for breeders who are looking to get titles but perhaps don't have the time to train. Cost varies as the more difficult titles will take longer to prepare for. Intakes will be scheduled based on trial season so as to avoid long waits after the dog is prepared.
For more information or to book a Competitive Obedience board and train: