Available Adults

A'Tak Van Sinova

Tak is a high energy, playful little girl. She loves her ball and tug and has good food drive. Good in the house, crate trained, and used to traveling. Not a working or breeding prospect, but does still need mental stimulation in addition to plenty of physical activity, as is typical of the breed. She has been started in foundations for Sport Detection (Nosework) and tracking and loves playing chuck-it, flirt pole, and various other forms of activity. Available to a home within driving distance of Ottawa.
Date of Birth: November 27, 2010

Sinova's Out to Getya Van Arek

Crush is a large, energetic, neutered male with nice food drive. He likes his ball best, but also likes tug work. He is crate trained, and used to travelling. Because we would like to be able to continue to use him for puppy socializing, we would prefer Crush "retire" in the Ottawa area. "Retire" being a subjective term! Typical of his breed, he needs daily physical/mental stimulation. He does however have a solid foundation of obedience and in his earlier years had IPO foundation training.
Date of Birth: September 29, 2008

Jade Ot Vitosha

Jade is a spayed medium sized female we are rehoming for a client. Jade needs a home with NO children and does not do well living in an urban or suburban environment. When not in that situation she is social and affectionate She has been good with other dogs, and has basic obedience training, enjoys tugging, and playing ball, but will not be placed in a working home. She could however do well in some performance venues such as Sport Detection. She is crate and house trained and travels well.
Date of Birth: January 10, 2011