Qrash Van Arek SD-MACH, SD-EL

Qrash is out of our girl Kwick (OTCh Kwick Van Arek SchH3, AD) and A'Farley Von Donnertal SchH3, AD, TT. She is a happy, energetic, medium sized dog. Always ready to go, she lives life with great enthusiasm. She has high prey and food drives and is highly motivated by both ball and tug. Qrash also has nice hunt drive and is currently training in Sport Detection, where she became the first dog to ever achieve the SD-MACH (with at least 6 Gold scores along the way). She recently obtained her SD-EL with a phenomenal 198/200 and is now purusing the SD-GMCH. She is socially and environmentally stable and will ignore neutral people and dogs, however she is not one to be friends with those she doesn't know. She is agile and athletic, with a love for jumping and has proven to be an excellent mother.
OFA Hips/Elbows: Hips: Good (BM-2728G54F-VPI), Elbows: Normal (BM-EL1583F54-VPI)
SDCA 1 and 2: Clear (determined via research at University of Bern)
Canine Health Check Genetic Screening: All Normal/Clear (See results here)