Stephanie and Nova after earning a perfect 200 score in Novice B. Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy here is that no team is the same. We believe it is impossible to train every dog to be their best using the same method for all. We also believe it is impossible for all handlers to communicate with their dogs in the same manner. Every handler's skill sets and talents will be different, and this translates into their ability to effectively train their dog. Expecting all handlers to be effective with the same method is unrealistic. We also believe there needs to be balance and clarity. Dogs need to know what will happen when they give a certain response. We use and are comfortable with everything from treats, toys, and clickers, to various training collars, leashes, long lines, and everything in between. What is chosen is based on the dog, his or her personality and drives, and what the handler is able to use effectively. We also believe strongly that training and competing should be something that is enjoyed by both dog and handler. It should be a team effort. We understand there are going to be ups and downs for both, but feel that the ups must outweigh the downs. We will work within your goals. If your goal is simply to pass and get the title, we will not pressure you to shoot higher. However, if your goal is High in Trial, we will help with that too and get "picky" with you and your dog! We don't believe that a more competitive team is better or worse than one who just wants to pass. Undo pressure, or putting teams down, conflicts with the goal of enjoyment!