OTCh Kwick Van Arek SchH3, AD, SD-S (SP)

Kwick was a high energy, driven little female. Smart and focused, she was a thinker with a wonderful ability to problem solve. She was strongly handler oriented, and lived to work with me. Kwick's speed and agility, combined with high prey, food, and ball drives made this girl a very fun dog to work with. She was known for her flashy and precise obedience, as well as for her speed. She was also incredibly athletic, jumping cleanly with ease. Kwick also had excellent search drive. In addition to her titles, she earned the following special achievements in CKC Obedience: 9 HITs, 3rd place in the Novice class at the HIT of HITs, WINNER of the Novice class at the Royal Canin Challenge and #4 Belgian in Canada in 2009, and #8 Belgian in Canada in 2010. In Schutzhund she took high SchH1 in her 1 and tied for 3rd overall, finished 2nd in the 2s, 3rd overall, and High OB in her SchH2, earned High Tracking in her SchH3, and earned V scores in Obedience in her SchH1 and SchH2. In Sport Detection she earned her Started title with a 1st place in the amateur stream and HIT at the first ever SDDA trial, a Gold rating (98/100), and the designation SP for passing all 3 components in the same trial. She was also an excellent mother, and the primary dog we used in classes and demos.
OFA: Hips: Good (BM-2044G28F-PI), Elbows: Normal (BM-EL1017F28-PI)