Adora DaKine BH

"Addy" is an medium sized dog (just under 60 pounds), with a sturdy, solid build. She comes predominantly from IPO lines (German and Belgian), and is a daughter of the well known Vion la Maschera di Ferro IPO3, FH1 out of Temple of the Tree's Aderes SchH3. She is socially stable with both people and dogs but not will not peacefully tolerate attempts to "remove" her from her handler. True to her IPO lineage, Addy has a full calm grip by nature (she is also a naturally methodical tracker). She has great prey, fight, food, hunt, and ball drives. Addy is currently training predominantly in IPO.
Canine Health Check Genetic Screening: All Normal/Clear (See results here)
OFA Hips/Elbows: Hips: Good (BM-3155G71F-VPI), Elbows: Normal (BM-EL1958F71-VPI)
SDCA Subtype 1: Clear/Normal (Optigen Accession #: 17-441)