Diventy's Your Ready for This BH, CDX, RN, CGN, HIC

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Blitz is an energetic, happy girl of medium size. Full of personality, she provided plenty of entertainment in and out of the ring. Quick reaction times and very high food drive make her a fun dog to train. While she has the classic Cattle Dog stubborness at times, she is also very responsive to her handler. She is aloof with strangers, without being agressive, but is extremely affectionate with those she knows. Blitz has good problem solving skills, and learns new things quickly. She has been tested on sheep, where she showed nice herding instinct. Along the way to her titles she placed 2nd in the Novice class at the HIT of HITs in 2010 (and was audience choice!) and was the #1 ACD in Canada for that year as well. She has since retired and is living the spoiled life iin the same home Nova retired to, which we are thrilled with!