specializes in training working, sport and performance dogs and their handlers. Instruction is available in IPO Tracking, IPO Obedience, Sport Detection, Rally, and CKC Obedience. Whether you want to be the highest scoring team, or just get the title, we can help! Options include private, semi private, or group lessons, online learning, and board and train/title. Our methods are individually tailored to dog and owner as we believe each team is unique. We are comfortable using a variety of approaches to bring out the best in each end of the leash!

CK9 Logo breeds working Belgian Malinois. Our puppies and dogs work in a variety of venues including police, IPO, Sport (scent) Detection, Agility, Ring, and more. Intensity, drive, energy, and a strong desire to work are important to us. Our breeding dogs have their hips and elbows screened, have shown no signs of seizures, and prove their working abilities through training and/or titling. Puppies are socialized with people and dogs, vaccinated, dewormed, and begin training and drive building. They are also exposed a variety of sights, sounds, and surfaces to provide them with a good foundation on which you can build.