Sport (Scent) Detection

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Sport Detection Classes

Level 1: In this introduction to Sport Detection we begin to build the drive to search as we introduce the odors we wish the dogs to look for. You will discover the best way to motivate your dog, how to build search drive, teach him how to be "in charge", work on container searches, deal with distracting odors, read your dog's behavior and body language, and improve your reward technique and timing. We will work on focusing on locking on odor source using "reward from source". Most dogs are ready for DOTs and ORT style searches/trials by the end of this course.
Price: $160 + HST
Course Length: 6 weeks, 1 hour class per week
Start Date: Friday January 4th (2019), 7:30pm
Registration Opens: November 15 at 9am
NOTE: We will add a 6:30pm class if the 7:30pm class fills.
Wait List: We fill classes often with people on our wait list. If you would like to be notified and get advanced registration ability anytime we run a new Beginner SD session please sign up!

Level 2: In this course you will continue working on search drive (one of the most important aspects to this sport) but also begin working on search technique and pattern. Hides will now be more difficult and we will continue to work on pinpointing odor source. Room searches will be introduced and expanded to include different objects and challenges. There will be more focus on various handling techniques. Odors will be "split" and we will continue to proof on distracting odors in the container searches. Dog's should be on their way to being prepared for the SDDA Started level by the end of this course.
Price: $160 + HST
Course Length: 6 weeks, 1 hour class per week
Start Date: Thursday November 29, 7:30pm
Regsitration Opens: November 15 at 9am

Level 3: In the course we will continue working on container and room searches as well as introducing outdoor and vehicle searches. Proofing of the dog's obedience to odor will be expanded and the handler's ability to read their dog tested. Searches with multiple finds will be introduced, as well as the beginnings of training a formal alert. By the end of this course dogs should be ready for the Trial Prep level.
Price: $160 + HST
Course Length: 6 weeks, 1 hour class per week
Start Date: TBD

Trial Prep: This course is designed for dogs who are preparing for SDDA Sport Detection trials. Dogs should be comfortable on all 3 odors (if they are not we may still accept them into the class on a case by case basis) and have some sort of indication or alert started. All 3 search components (interior, exterior, and container) will take place. Trial rules, etiquette, and strategy will be covered. Blind searches will be included to ensure you are comfortable and skilled at reading your dog and calling alerts. Different search types will be used to get the dogs comfortable working with novel situations. We will also make AKC, NACSW and UKC odors available. During the spring/summer/ and fall classes will rove to a variety of locations to ensure the dogs are comfortable working in different spaces.
Price: $160 + HST
Course Length: 8 weeks, 1 hour class per week
Start Date: Monday December 10, 6:30pm - FULL
Start Date: Monday December 10, 7:30pm - FULL
Start Date: Wednesday December 12, 6:30pm - FULL
Start Date: Wednesday December 12 7:30pm - FULL
Start Date: Saturday December 22, 9:00am - FULL
Start Date: Saturday December 22, 10:00am - FULL
Registration Opens: November 25th at 9am

NOTE: Trial prep classes are currently at capacity. If you have a dog you believe to be ready to train at this level please contact us and we will see what we can do to get you started!

Private Lessons

We can occasionally schedule one on one time before or after classes to work specific problem solving for those who are unable to fit into a group class. Contact us for more details!

Board and Train/Title

No time to train your dog? Let us do it for you! This option is open to anyone but is especially useful to breeders who may want the title but not have the time to prepare for it. Boarding and Train/Title is available for any SDDA Sport Detection title. Cost varies depending on the title, dogs prior training, and so on.
For more information or to book Sport Detection training and titling for your dog: