Sinova Malinois

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Sinova is a kennel dedicated to breeding working Belgian Malinois. The name Sinova is derived from a combination of the names of Stephanie's first Malinois (Nova) and first ACD (Simba). Through them she saw what she wanted and didn't want in future dogs of each breed. Sinova strives to produce dogs with good working ability, breed appropriate temperament and good health. Malinois typically are not dogs that make good "pets". While some can live in the house with you, they require a significant amount of physical and especially mental activity. They do not take a day off, even if you do! We strongly recommend you meet and spend time with some working dogs before deciding to purchase one. Many of the characteristics that make them good working dogs make them completely unsuitable as pet-only dogs. They typically require working / sporting / performance homes to be happy alternate textand well adjusted. hese dogs are very quick to respond to situations, often leading them to react before they think. Other characteristics include high prey drive, boundless energy and often perpetual motion, a hyper active mental state, consistent/constant desire for mental engagement, and strong desire for nipping / biting activities. Our breeding dogs are screened for health and temperament, and prove their working ability through competition and training. Our dogs and puppies actively train and / or compete in various venues, including: IPO, French Ring, Sport Detection, Police work, and various CKC and AKC Obedience performance events. All our puppies are socialized to people, dogs, sights, sounds, and surfaces, and evaluated for their drives and working ability, to enable us to place them in the proper homes. We are located near Ottawa, Ontario.