Xcessive Force Du Loups Du Soleil IPO2, FR Brevet

Snap was a medium sized male with blood going back to old Belgian lines (Contes d'Hoffmann) and to French lines. A Rodin grandson, he was out of Villier Des Contes d'Hoffmann MR2, FR2 and Leila Du Loups Du Soleil MR1. He was a "high" dog, with excellent speed, athleticism, and agility. His prey drive was excellent, and he had a quick reaction time and nice fight drive. He didn't care what he was biting, so long as he was biting. He also had strong ball and food drives and nice hunt drive. His obedience tended towards being flashy, with a wonderful "prance" in his heeling. Snap was a very natural jumper. He had excellent speed and commitment in protection (as the helper for his IPO 2 said of the attack out of the back transport: "I turned around and he was there"). Snap was intense (if a bit fast) in tracking. He was socially stable but not overtly social with both people and dogs, and was environmentally stable as well. This boy was become a favorite around here, working in mainly in IPO with a little French Ring.