NEW!!!! Virtual Trial Prep Sport Scent Classes!

Are you having trouble getting those elusive Gold scores?
Struggling to read your dog?
Problems with alerts?
Not sure what the heck to do with that leash while you work?
Between myself, my students, and the instructors I have trained we have earned:
More than 250 title scores in 5 years
Multiple SD-MACH titles
Multiple SD-EL titles
Multiple perfect scores
and more!!

Now’s your chance to use my experience to help you and your dog become a highly successful Sport Scent team. Location is no longer a barrier to quality training!

Virtual classes will be done via bi-weekly video conference.
You will be able to:
Talk to your instructor and classmates and watch videos with together in real time with discussion
Get instruction on specific skills and techniques (with video on how to teach them)
Get instruction on search set-ups to practice
Participate in a Q&A session
Working handlers will get to submit videos of the exercises for feedback
BONUS: You get a recording of the session to KEEP.

EXTRAS: You will also get email/text/messaging support from me, access to the CK9 students FB group, blank training log templates a free Zoom orientation and more!
Starts May 7th, 2019 at 9am

Space is limited!
Prerequisits: Dogs should be trained on at least one target odor (from any organization)
Dogs should be able to perform at least a basic container, interior, and exterior search.
These classes are geared to building and maintaining a successful trial team.
Cost: $97+HST/month for working spots
$67+HST/month for audit spots

Sign up here:

Not ready for this, or have a new dog you want to start off on the right paw? Virtual Beginner Sport Scent classes coming soon!