Previous Dogs

*For past litters/sold puppies please see our Past Litters page*

Simba was my first competition dog. Click on his name to go to his page.

MOTCh E’Orka Van Arek SchH3, AD, RN
Nova was retired to Alison, a friends daughter, and is currently living an active (and spoiled) life with her. Click on her name to go to her page.

Leibe’s A Slice of Sinova
Slice now lives with Natalie, and is her older sons dog to learn training with. Click on her name to go to her page.

In Turbo Drive Van Arek
Turbo is now doing private narctoics detection in the US.

Top Gun’s Ammunition
Ammo now lives with Jesse. He is training for a variety of things, including Obedience and Tracking. He is Jesse’s introduction to Mals, and they are having fun learning together.