About Us

Stephanie Perrier is the instructor here at Competitive K9s. She owns, trains, and breeds Belgian Malinois and Australian Cattle Dogs. They train in IPO, Sport Detection, French Ring, Obedience, Rally, and occasionally Agility. In the last several years she has put titles on her own dogs and dogs owned by others, including: 4 PCDs, 6 CDs, 5 CDXs, 3 UD/OTChs, 1 OTChX, 1 MOTCh, 4 RNs, 1 RA, 1 RE, 1 RAE, 5 BHs, 3 ADs, 3 SchH 1s, 2 SchH 2s, 1 IPO2, 2 SchH 3s, a French Ring Brevet, 2 HICs, 5 SD-Ss (some with SP), 2 SD-As (some with SP), 2 SD-Es, 2 SD-CHs and 1 SD-MACH (and was the first in Canada to earn that title). Within these titles she has earned 38 High in Trials (CKC Obedience), even more High in Classes (CKC Obedience and Rally), a perfect 200 score in CKC Obedience, High BH, High SchH 1 twice, multiple High Obedience and a High Tracking awards, as well as 3rd overall twice in Schuzthund, multiple perfect 100 scores and High in Classes in CKC Rally, multiple HITs and Gold Scores in SDDA Sport Detection. Her High in Trials have come from all 3 classes and have been on 5 different dogs of 2 different breeds. She and her dogs have placed in the top of their breeds and groups in CKC Obedience multiple times, as well as having placed in the Top 10 All Breeds for CKC Obedience in 2007. She has competed at the HIT of HITS with 3 different dogs (where she earned a second, third and fourth place finish in Novice, a Fifth place in Open, and a Fourth Place in Utility) as well as the Royal Canin challenge with two dogs (including a First place in Novice). She is known for the joy her dogs exhibit when working with her, and the fun she has in the ring and on the field. She is a member of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada, the Sporting Detection Dogs Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers. She has experience in caring for various breeds and mixes of all different personalities at her boarding facility.